For your safety, Témériah’s kingdom and the Nuit-Magiciens have set up procedures to make your visit an enchanted time.

So, here is a quick list of rules that we apply on our festival:

An aid station will be on the site.
A direct line with firemen and police station is set along the festival. In case of problem every Nuit-Magiciens knows exactly the rules to follow.

Many emergency exits will be signaled on the festival, and a double access is planned for rescue services.

Please adopt a respectful behavior with the visitors, service providers and also all the Nuit-Magiciens (which are all volunteers).

Any weapons, white, yellow, green, magic or firearms are strictly forbidden on the site. Except agreement of the organizers.

As any magical valley, there are some frontiers that are forbidden. So you cannot go through all signs mentioning  the public can’t enter. It’s also not recommended trying to annoy our octopus in the different lakes (We have lost some visitors that way during the last editions, we’ve only found theirs shoes).

So, as you understood, children are under the responsibilities of their parents or adults, be careful, especially near water spaces.

In case of trouble, Nuit-Magiciens know the procedure. Follow it.

A Bouts De Films association, Bailleul-Les-Pernes and volunteers of La Nuit Magique festival are not responsible for steal, lost things on the festival and annexes.

Anyway, the  Knights of Témériah are doing everything they can to push away all the evil creatures from the kingdom (troll, gnome, …)