Grimelfe School of Witchcraft

Grimelfe School of Witchcraft


Future students of the Grimelf school,
August 1 will open our hundreds of years old school of witchcraft.
Back to school will take place at 2:00 p.m. in front of the establishment.

We kindly ask you to be on time for your integration into each of our houses.
2 classes will study this afternoon: 1 child class, from 7 to 14 years old and 1 adult class, from 15 to 115 years old (elves over 300 years old accepted).

You will need to come equipped with clothing suitable for learning our sport "The fairy willow", so we advise you to come without your stilt shoes.

This year's program will obviously focus on:

- The sport "The fairy willow"
- Cast spells
- Magic potions
- Knightly combat

Registration fees are 20 € Adult and 15 € Child, they do not include drinks.

Once your day at the Grimelf school is over, before the graduation, you will be invited to a meal with all the houses to celebrate the victory of the one who will get the most points.

Registrations are open (very limited number of places), and you will not be able to participate in this start of the school year without having received your mail.

Our teachers are ready to deliver their lessons to you in rigor and with all the magic necessary to make you real wizards.

As for me, I am happy to open my school again this year to real humans,

With my soul filled with magic,
The director

  • Conditions Générales

    Uniquement valable pour ce lieu, à la date indiquée. Pour être valable ce ticket doit être obligatoirement accompagné de son coupon de contrôle.

    Ce billet n’est pas remboursable, sauf en cas de l’annulation de l'événement par les organisateurs. En cas d’intempéries, l'événement sera reporté à une date ultérieure, en ce cas il sera possible de demander le remboursement du billet. 

  • Retrait des Billets

    En cas de retrait des billets de la Nuit Magique il est possible : 


    - De venir le chercher sur place durant toute la période du parc éphémère de la Nuit Magique, aux horaires d'ouvertures de notre marché médiéval


    - De venir les chercher sur place le jour du spectacle 1 heure maximum avant le début de l'événement.

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