Horror Night at the Magic Night

Horror Night at the Magic Night


We can now hear in the world of Temeria the cries of those who remained locked up for life in the labyrinth last year ...

And it will be worse this year ...

Do not expect to leave our world without lasting memories of your evening ...

Will you survive our labyrinth and all the other surprises of our world?

Come on, run away from poor fools!

  • Public

    Unaccompanied children under the age of 12 cannot participate in the horror night.

    Not advised against sensitive people and children subject to nightmares to participate in the adventure.

  • Dates et conditions

    7 Août 2022, ouverture de l'horror night à 21h00. 

    En cas de mauvais temps une autre date sera proposée, le remboursement des billets ne sera pas possible sauf annulation de l'événement. 
    Un coupon de la somme de l'achat sera attribué en cas d'annulation. Il sera utilisable uniquement sur le parc éphémère de la Nuit Magique 2022.